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Ledbury Quail Hunt Ledbury Quail Hunt

Looking Back / Robert Emmett

As Paul Trible’s guide and mentor, master tailor Robert Emmett taught Paul nearly everything that he knows about shirtmaking. With a career spanning over two decades and operating four bricks-and-mortar locations throughout London, including a store on the famed Jermyn Street, Robert is one of the city’s finest shirtmakers. Having worked alongside Paul Trible and… [MORE]

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Moving Forward Part 03 / Sweaters

We released our first knitwear collection a little more than two years ago and, as shirtmakers, we had one basic requirement for… [MORE]

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Moving Forward Part 02 / Shirtmaking

“The key to longevity is quality.”
The next leg of our journey brought us to the small production factory in northwest… [MORE]

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Moving Forward Part 01 / Fabrics

“Be the best, make the best, and the rest will follow.”
Before Paul and Paul, our two co-founders, set off to… [MORE]

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Hunt / Gather 2014

There is bird hunting, and then there is quail hunting. It’s a fine way to spend the afternoon, provided that you’re not… [MORE]

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Classic Patterns / Tartan and Plaid

There are several fabrics and patterns essential to a cool weather wardrobe. When it comes to scarves and winter accessories, tartans and… [MORE]

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Georgetown – We’re Back

We received such a warm welcome at our Georgetown pop-up shop last holiday season that we’re excited to announce that we’re returning… [MORE]


Trend Report / Turtlenecks

Although some of you out there may remain skeptical – yes, we’re looking at you – we’re celebrating the return of the… [MORE]

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Denim or Chambray?

Denim and chambray shirts are a common occurrence here at Ledbury. You’re likely to spot a team member or two wearing one… [MORE]