With the close of the year we wrapped up the “Short Run Shirting.” We hope that everyone enjoyed the collection and we definitely appreciate the thoughts and feedback. It was a lot of fun for us to experiment with different cuffs, collars, and fabrics. We are happy to report that a least 8 shirts are […]


Ledbury is coming to Charlotte (November 30th – December 4th)! Join us for a holiday bash of epic proportions. Ledbury is heading to Charlotte and we are bringing along a few of our friends. Join us for an open bar, winter shirts and good funk and soul music as we celebrate the launch of our Charlotte […]


We are happy to introduce The Commonwealth Collection, a range of unique accessories made in partnership with local Virginia artisans.   The first piece is the Free Union Belt, which we designed in collaboration with Marcus Wiley of Wiley Belts. A few people have asked why a shirtmaker would release a belt as a first accessory.  […]


We returned to the nations capital last week for our 2nd Pop-Up in Georgetown and we could not have had a better time.   Nearly 500 friends and customers came by to say hello over the course of three days. The Thursday night launch party had us going well past mid-night and Friday night’s bourbon Tasting […]


Brian McDaniel is the man behind Dirty Richmond, a street style blog here in town that gets nearly a daily visit from the staff here at Ledbury.  He’s a great guy, with an impressive eye and ability to capture the unique style that is found in this city. I was recently in an interview with […]


It feels like October has been the month of the party and we must admit we have had a few very good times.   First off was the launch of our new Richmond Space that acts as a store, office and warehouse all in one. The new space is on 14th Street just blocks from our […]


We waited the better part of a year before hiring our first model.   We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we needed to move on from the shots of our friends with their heads chopped off and add a little more professionalism to our photography.  Luckily we met Danny who, over time, has […]

We are very pleased to announce the start of Short Run Shirting.   Each Tuesday at 11am (for the next 20 weeks) we will introduce a new shirt into our collection. These shirts are limited editions, made in small quantities and will only available until the following Sunday at 11:59pm. It’s an opportunity for us to […]

Wild Card

Thanks to Irene we were without power for the better part of 4 days, so we moved the operation to the Watson estate and set up camp.  As a nice break from our temporary home, our friends from CBS invited us over for button down shirting segment on Virginia This Morning. I can imagine a […]

Wild Card

We had a little added excitement yesterday as a 5.8 earthquake rolled through Richmond. At first we all thought it was a train derailing—we are right next to the tracks—but when things really started to shake we all jumped up and headed for the door. (Well, all of us with the exception of Ashley who powered […]

Wild Card

I’m a strong believer in a good pair of boots as they are one of the few items of clothing that can last for 10 years and get better with age.   But, like most long-term relationships good boots often require an upfront investment and continual care.  With that in mind, I headed to Connie’s Shoe […]


August.  No rain.  Temperatures consistently above 100 Degrees.  And what does Ledbury decide to do?  Move!  Yes, during the hottest month in stifling humidity we packed up the entire operation and moved down the street.  Despite the withering temps and the best attempts from the utility companies in stopping us, we managed get the whole […]