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Team Travel: Eric Goes To Jackson Hole

Eric, who is a member of our Customer Fulfillment Team, recently returned from a snowboarding trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Here’s a recap and a few highlights from his trip out west:


I started snowboarding three seasons ago. My best friend invited me to go snowboarding with him during the Spring Break of my senior year of college and I immediately fell in love with it.


A family friend of mine has lived in Jackson, Wyoming for a few years and she spoke highly of the area, the beautiful scenery and the high caliber skiing. After I started snowboarding, I made it a personal goal to head West and experience Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.


My best friend and I made plans a few months ago to visit one of our friends who works at the resort. After a few weeks of planning, all the pieces fell into place. We arrived in Jackson on Wednesday afternoon and were on the mountain in less than an hour and a half. After getting over the initial shock of how beautiful it is out there, I immediately realized how much different this mountain was compared to anything I’ve ever been on. I consider myself a decent snowboarder on the East Coast mountains I’ve been on, but snowboarding at Jackson Hole is an extremely humbling experience.


I took a ride up the tram to the peak of Rendezvous Mountain and saw the infamous Corbet’s Couloir, ate a phenomenal breakfast at Corbet’s Cabin, and took in the scenery. As a craft beer lover, we decided to travel into Jackson and visit Snake River Brewing to sample some local beer, which was definitely a treat.


If anyone ever has a chance to go out there, I highly recommend it. The people are amazing, the scenery is out of this world, and the skiing and snowboarding are top-notch.



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