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In the Press and On Screen

Over the past few weeks we’ve been the subject of a few profiles in the press and even managed to land a guest spot on national TV.
Our co-founder and CEO Paul Trible was a featured guest on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report and was interviewed on the subject of small business success, strategy and… [MORE]

pfieffer beach copy pfieffer beach copy

The Golden Coast

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the golden state of California for the first time. While I’m usually not… [MORE]

The-Coleman-Tab-Header The-Coleman-Tab-Header

Shirt Spotlight: The Coleman Tab

Nothing keeps your shirt’s collar crisp all day quite like a tab collar. The tab rests between the shirt’s collar points and… [MORE]

Video: Fall Winter 2013 Collection

We’re releasing a shirt-a-day from our Fall/Winter 2013 Collection throughout the month of October and today marks the halfway point. So far… [MORE]

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Style File: The King of Cool

This week we bring you The King of Cool. What better place to break in one of our newly released sweaters —… [MORE]

The Knitwear Collection // Heavy Wools

We released our first-ever collection of knitwear a little less than a month ago. Following the lightweight sweaters in our first release,… [MORE]

Shine Your Shoes

There comes a time in our lives when we start taking better care of the things we own. Our homes become neater,… [MORE]

Fall Guide // It’s In the Bag

Between our wallets, keys, notepads, reading materials and tablets, we carry a lot of gear with us. To keep all these things… [MORE]

Fall Guide // Music

Fall is not only synonymous with hot apple cider and mountainous hikes; it’s also the time when many of the best albums… [MORE]