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Winter Fabrics // Moleskin

With the end of the “polar vortex,” and “arctic blast,” nowhere in sight, we’ve had a not-so-gentle reminder of the importance of dressing appropriately during the coldest of cold weather. To help us keep warm, we’ve relied on one of our favorite winter fabrics, moleskin.
Moleskin is a tightly woven brushed cotton fabric that… [MORE]

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The Subscriptions We Love

While it may not be a cure-all, the plethora of subscription services that are available today are helping to make the subtle… [MORE]

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Styling Help with the Ledbury Team

Whether you’re dressing for a Monday in the office or your wedding day, two members of the Ledbury team are here to… [MORE]

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Best Made Axe // A Guide For Splitting Wood

To round out our collection of cool-weather Short Run Shirting for the season, we took to the woods with a Best Made axe in… [MORE]

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A License to Speed

James Bond is a man known for many things – elaborate gadgets, a seemingly endless stream of women, fine tailoring and, until… [MORE]

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Meet Our Friends: Steve Humble of The Martin Agency

To close out our New Year, New Man series, we’re featuring Executive VP Managing Director of Production and Development at The Martin… [MORE]

The New Power Suit

Seeing The Wolf Of Wall Street late last week reminded me of one of the worst moments in menswear history – the… [MORE]

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Meet Our Friends // Bill Martin of the Valentine Richmond History Center

The Valentine Richmond History Center has been collecting, preserving and interpreting Richmond, Virginia’s 400-year history for more than a century. The museum boasts… [MORE]

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Meet Our Friends // Stinson Williford

In this week’s edition of New Year, New Man, we feature Jesse [Stinson] Isenberg and Jordee Williford of Stinson Williford. Stinson Williford… [MORE]