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Best Made Axe // A Guide For Splitting Wood

To round out our collection of cool-weather Short Run Shirting for the season, we took to the woods with a Best Made axe in hand. Best Made Company’s dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and the idea that well-made items are meant to stand the test of time are just a few reasons we identify with their brand. There’s… [MORE]

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A License to Speed

James Bond is a man known for many things – elaborate gadgets, a seemingly endless stream of women, fine tailoring and, until… [MORE]

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Meet Our Friends: Steve Humble of The Martin Agency

To close out our New Year, New Man series, we’re featuring Executive VP Managing Director of Production and Development at The Martin… [MORE]

The New Power Suit

Seeing The Wolf Of Wall Street late last week reminded me of one of the worst moments in menswear history – the… [MORE]

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Meet Our Friends // Bill Martin of the Valentine Richmond History Center

The Valentine Richmond History Center has been collecting, preserving and interpreting Richmond, Virginia’s 400-year history for more than a century. The museum boasts… [MORE]

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Meet Our Friends // Stinson Williford

In this week’s edition of New Year, New Man, we feature Jesse [Stinson] Isenberg and Jordee Williford of Stinson Williford. Stinson Williford… [MORE]

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Style File // The Craftsman

Throughout the month of January we will be featuring a handful of our customers and close friends on our blog. This week,… [MORE]

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New Year, New Man // 2014

I make New Year’s resolutions every year, but until last year, they admittedly had been pretty commonplace – exercise more, floss before… [MORE]

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Our Take on Tuxedo

To appropriately introduce our newest additions to Short Run Shirting, The Tuxedo Collection, we turned to our friends at Saison. One of Richmond’s… [MORE]