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The Belmont Butchery

With so many great restaurants to choose from, what more could a foodie city ask for? Well, perhaps a full-service artisanal butcher shop. Luckily for us in Richmond, we can find this at Belmont Butchery.
Swiss-trained chef and master butcher, Tanya Cauthen opened Belmont Butchery in the fall of 2006. Before the butchery, it was… [MORE]

Crafting the Perfect Swim Trunk

In the spirit of collaboration and seizing the opportunity to work with another Paul (we have three in our office), we teamed… [MORE]

Fred Perry – The Tennis Champion

1936 – The year the Hoover Dam was completed, Gone with the Wind was first published and, until this past weekend, the last time… [MORE]

Meet our Friends // Owen Lane

In the lookbook for our current collection of Short Run, Special Service, we feature Owen Lane — chef and co-owner of The Magpie.… [MORE]

On the Road: South of the Border

Summer has always been synonymous with fireworks, backyard cookouts and the occasional road trip. For those of us who are from the… [MORE]

Richmond – The Culinary Capital of the South (Seriously)

We know what you’re thinking – What about New Orleans, Charleston, or even Nashville? We admit that naming Richmond as the “Culinary… [MORE]

Style File // The Globalist

Running with last week’s interview of Alan Maleh, Editor-in-Chief and founder of Man of the World magazine and inspired by the stylish… [MORE]

Guide to Summer Beer

June is almost over and summer is officially upon us. For many of us, this means feet in the sand, long vacations… [MORE]

The White Royal Linen

Nothing says “summer” like a lightweight linen. The fabric of choice for warmer weather, linen’s crisp texture easily absorbs perspiration and doesn’t… [MORE]