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Holiday Cocktails

Take a tip from our in-house bartender, Rob, and be the host of the hour at this year’s holiday gatherings.
Hello Ledbury readers! I am happy to have been asked once again to share with you a few seasonally-appropriate drinking options for this holiday season. Today I have three drinks to show you –… [MORE]

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Studio Visit / Andrea Donnelly

Textile weaver Andrea Donnelly’s studio is only a short drive from the Ledbury office in the Manchester neighborhood of Richmond. This is… [MORE]


Gift Picks / Gert Barkovic of MUTINY

Gert Barkovic has a sharp eye and knows exactly what she likes. Imperative qualities if you’re the co-founder and buyer of one… [MORE]

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Inside Georgetown

One question we hear time and time again: “What’s a pop-up shop all about?”
Pop-up shops vary quite a bit from… [MORE]

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Thoughts on 5 Years

Five years ago this week, Paul Watson and I opened the doors to a small loft in Richmond and launched a business… [MORE]

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Prepping for the Holidays

The early signs of the holiday season have started to arrive. I noticed a handful of houses with festive lights during an… [MORE]

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Meet Our Staff / Donald

Donald is one of the newest members of our Customer Experience team. On any given day, you’re likely to find him spreading… [MORE]

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Moving Forward Part 04 / Blazers

The final stretch of our journey brought us to a small factory in Mantua, Italy, where our tailored collection of blazers and… [MORE]

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CARITAS + Ledbury

“Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast”
Once the center of Virginia’s staid tobacco commerce, the Manchester district is now known for… [MORE]