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Meet Our Friends / Jody Kielbasa

For over 25 years, the Virginia Film Festival (VFF) has brought Central Virginia award-winning independent films and incredible documentaries, followed by in-depth panel discussions. There’s a undeniable attraction to watching a narrative unfold on the big screen. We’re hardwired to respond to storytelling in a shared space; it’s part of our collective history. For more… [MORE]


The Top 5 Shirts of the Last 30 Days

Making a shirt, from the rough idea to the physical product, is what drives us. We’re proud that we’ve been able to… [MORE]


Fall 2014 Neckties

As a brand founded on shirtmaking, we always strive to stay focused on the fundamentals. With this perspective in mind, we release… [MORE]

stylefile - resquarestylefile - resquare

Style File / The Film Critic

In honor of one of our favorite pastimes, catching a movie on the big screen, we would like to present our most… [MORE]


Virginia Day Hikes

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to drop everything and spend a few months hiking the Appalachian Trail. Although hiking… [MORE]


Fire, Flour & Fork

Richmond has always had a strong culinary scene. Acclaimed restaurants such as Lemaire and Comfort have been open for over a decade… [MORE]


The VMFA / Forbidden City

This isn’t the first time I’ve sung the praises of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on our blog. After all, the… [MORE]


Music / Landis Wine of White Laces

Richmond has an awesome music scene. Just last weekend, we were enjoying music by the river at the Richmond Folk Festival. For… [MORE]


Sweater Weather

It’s fall, temperatures are dropping, and our 2014 Knitwear Collection is here. We knitted these sweaters in Italy from several incredible fibers… [MORE]