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Lessons on Style / Paul Newman

Not many track records include Academy Award–winning actor, director, philanthropist, professional racecar driver, and damn good salad-dressing-maker. For Paul Newman, he made these accomplishments look effortless. Newman was as cool as they came and arguably one of the most multifaceted men to ever live. He possessed enviable talent and went against the grain, but never… [MORE]

Ring of Fire / How Johnny Cash Conquered Country

The appeal of the motorcycle is strong in American culture, and we suspect that it has a lot to do with this… [MORE]

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The Legend of Henry Miller

Henry Miller is considered one of the greatest writers of the early 20th-Century, and justifiably so. Miller was far from the first… [MORE]

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Style Icon // Jean-Claude Killy

In our opinion, skiing is the quintessential winter sport. Although we’ll readily leave the high speeds to the pros, there’s nothing like… [MORE]

A Walk on the Wild Side

Lou Reed is often cited as one of the most influential musicians of contemporary music, and justifiably so. His legacy can be… [MORE]

Fred Perry – The Tennis Champion

1936 – The year the Hoover Dam was completed, Gone with the Wind was first published and, until this past weekend, the last time… [MORE]

Style Icons // Ledbury Dapper Dads

Dads – we can thank them for introducing us to far better music than whatever everyone else was listening to at school,… [MORE]

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Lessons on Style // Robert Redford

Throughout the late 60s and 70s, perhaps none of Hollywood’s leading men had more style than Robert Redford. On screen and off,… [MORE]

Lessons On Style: Marvin Gaye

The better part of my week has been spent diving into Marvin Gaye’s rich discography on Spotify. While listening to Gaye’s music… [MORE]