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The Summer Tailored Collection

We’re excited to announce the release of five new sport coats as part of our Summer Tailored Collection. Crafted in Italy, the jackets in our newest collection are unlined and constructed from fabrics that are ideal for summer months.
The Navy Nash Sport Coat – Constructed from very fine Loro Piana wool. The… [MORE]

The Harrison Sport Coat

Virginia summers can be incredibly hot and we’ve learned the importance of dressing appropriately. Much like our summer shirting, the Beige Harrison… [MORE]

Style Counsel: Q & A with Juliana

Juliana, our in-house stylist, has a keen eye and intuitive knack for creating unexpected color and pattern pairings. In addition to styling… [MORE]

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Introducing Our Spring Tailored Collection

We’re excited to announce the release of our Spring Tailored Collection with four new sport coats designed for the warmer months. Similar… [MORE]

Our Buttons: Mother-of-Pearl

A few months ago, I noticed a few small markings on the back of a shirt button one morning. What I mistakenly… [MORE]

Tied Together, Spring Pairings

In the lookbook for our newly released collection of Short Run Shirting, we pair the short run shirts with our Spring Collection… [MORE]

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Introducing: The Millington Belt

We had such a great time collaborating with Marcus Wiley on our Free Union Belt that we decided to team up again… [MORE]

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In Time For Spring – The Colton Gingham

When it comes to shirt patterns, gingham is one of my favorites. Although I tend to wear it year round, subtler colors… [MORE]

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One Tie: The Maroon Abott

Mixing color and pattern can often prove to be a more difficult task than expected when pairing neckties and shirts. For help,… [MORE]