Perseverance takes shape in many different contexts. We attach certain personal experiences to such a word — experiences that exude an unyielding level of tenacity and determination. For artist and photographer Kip Fulbeck, the word is closely tied to the art of Japanese tattooing. In Richmond, we’re lucky to have such a forward-thinking, nationally-acclaimed museum […]

Textile weaver Andrea Donnelly’s studio is only a short drive from the Ledbury office in the Manchester neighborhood of Richmond. This is a portion of the city best known for its converted tobacco warehouses and its industrial past. I met Andrea and her rescued pit bull, Huey, on an unusually cool late fall afternoon. The […]

This isn’t the first time I’ve sung the praises of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on our blog. After all, the VMFA is a world-class art museum that’s right in our own backyard. Whether taking a quick stroll through the sculpture garden or sneaking off to one of the galleries, a trip to the […]

You may not be a numbers person. In menswear, as in life, the numbers can add up quickly. So when it comes to dress shirt, there is only one number that you really need to know — 120. You should probably know your neck size as well. For the sake of simplicity, let’s just say […]

  A key element to modernism is the integration of architectural design and natural landscape. Amanda Dameron, Editor-In-Chief of Dwell Magazine, frames it nicely when she says that “we all crave a connection to the outside world… It’s a fascinating journey to learn about the ways people interact with their surroundings, reinforcing the interconnectedness of […]

When we set out to create our first collection of knitwear, we wanted to create a complete collection with a full range of collar styles. Two sweaters that we are particularly fond of are our Thorpe Moto-Henley and the Byrne Shawl-Collar.   Inspired by military sweaters from the mid-twentieth century, we constructed the Thorpe Moto-Henley […]

Among our first collection of sweaters, we have a couple melange-knitted sweaters of which we’re particularly proud — our Blue Melange Barnes V-Neck and our Brown Melange Barnes V-Neck. Melange yarn is a single strand of yarn that has been produced by the combination of at least two or more fibers. This process achieves a […]

Over the next few months we’ll be releasing a handful of new products that we’re particularly excited about. Around this time last year, we tested the waters with our first batch of Ledbury sport coats, producing a small quantity of more neutral options to get a feel for what you all are looking for in […]