Our newfound NOLA friend Pableaux Johnson waxes nostalgic on the special kind of hospitality you encounter in New Orleans. Over the years, you start to recognize the signs. Friends who came to New Orleans for a professional conference a few years back (“Grab a drink between panels? I’m at the Hilton…”) return to the Crescent […]


NOLA native, journalist, author, and multi-hypenate Pableaux Johnson provides a handy cheat sheet for essential New Orleans food groups. If you’re headed to New Orleans (and you should be), partaking of the city’s stellar restaurant scene is likely high on your leisure-time priority list. After all, the Crescent City has a 300-year tradition of culinary […]

Wild Card

When I graduated college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself, and no drive for anything more than having drinks and hanging out with friends. Looking back, it was a sad state of affairs. Slowly, however, things started to change. I met inspiring people, traveled and started to see the world […]


Five years ago this week, Paul Watson and I opened the doors to a small loft in Richmond and launched a business that had been years in the making. There is a photo from the original launch party that recently resurfaced. Watson’s mother in-law took it. Back then, family members made up the majority of […]

Caritas 1

“Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast” Once the center of Virginia’s staid tobacco commerce, the Manchester district is now known for its rebirth. Turn-of-the-century warehouses are now residential lofts, art galleries and open workspaces. It is the backdrop of developers, creatives, and strategists in pursuit of iterative ways of business. Nestled along a sleepy stretch […]

Folk 6

The annual Richmond Folk Festival is one of those traditions that we look forward to most here in our hometown. Falling on the second weekend of October, the festival is just as much a celebration of the time of year as it is the music. And like those sunny and warm autumn days, the event […]

20140706_FireLookoutTower_0013 copy

“If, in Virginia, we may point with justifiable pride to our fire control record, our ability to do so is due in no small measure to the effective service rendered by our Lookout Watchmen.” – Handbook for Lookout Watchmen, 1948. Fifteen pages long, the Handbook for Lookout Watchmen is a quick read. Five of those […]


Today is Mardi Gras. With the festivities in full swing, we took a look at this unique event, its historical context and cultural significance. In the United States, New Orleans is Mardi Gras. There are big celebrations all over, but the main event happens in Louisiana, and it’s well-documented that our co-founder and COO Paul […]

moleskin feature

With the end of the “polar vortex,” and “arctic blast,” nowhere in sight, we’ve had a not-so-gentle reminder of the importance of dressing appropriately during the coldest of cold weather. To help us keep warm, we’ve relied on one of our favorite winter fabrics, moleskin. Moleskin is a tightly woven brushed cotton fabric that is […]