Photo cred: Rey Lopez, courtesy of Maketto

For many outsiders, D.C. seems like the city equivalent of a shiny, mylar Fourth of July pinwheel; emblazoned nationalism and corporate sprawl in place of culture and dynamic communities.  Unfavorable reputations of the area spread far and wide, though the city seems more harshly criticized by residents of neighboring states and cities, like Richmond and […]

Kevin McCabe is a longtime Outer Banks local who’s established himself as the quintessential renaissance man. In view of the tallest brick lighthouse on the Atlantic, writer Chris Bickford grabbed a beer to hear Kevin’s story and the bold path that landed him in this beautiful place. If you think you discovered some exotic destination […]

Our newfound NOLA friend Pableaux Johnson waxes nostalgic on the special kind of hospitality you encounter in New Orleans. Over the years, you start to recognize the signs. Friends who came to New Orleans for a professional conference a few years back (“Grab a drink between panels? I’m at the Hilton…”) return to the Crescent […]

Made-to-Measure appointment

There are many reasons to look forward to spring: warm weather, sunshine, and a chance to wear your nice shoes again without fear of ruining them. Here’s another one: We’re incredibly excited to announce we’re opening a permanent brick-and-mortar store in Georgetown this spring. The D.C. shop will be our third retail location, and our […]

Many things are said to better with age. Luckily for us, the Annual Ledbury Quail Hunt has successfully landed itself at the top of that list. This year marked the 4th Annual Ledbury Quail Hunt — a day where we welcome friends, customers who have become friends, family and collaborators for a morning hunt and social […]

After almost fully retiring as Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s (CBF) Virginia Oyster Restoration and Fisheries Scientist, Tommy Leggett returned to his desired life as a waterman — aquaculture farming native oysters throughout the bay for his small scale oyster business, York River Oysters. Tommy spends his days working by the tides. At early morning high tide, […]