Introducing The Cotter Stripe Shirts

It’s only been spring for a little over 24 hours but now seemed as good of a time as any to release our new Cotter Stripe shirts. The Cotter Stripe comes in three seasonally appropriate colors, Aqua, Green, and Purple, and are constructed from a blend of linen and cotton fibers.

This blend of natural fibers has its advantages in that it is lightweight and breathable. Linen is traditionally worn in warmer climates because its crisp texture easily absorbs perspiration and doesn’t cling to the skin, allowing air to better circulate around the body. With so many great qualities, linen is unfortunately notorious for how easily it wrinkles but the blend of cotton gives the fiber an added elasticity to help keep the textile smooth when worn.

These shirts can easily be paired with denim or navy chinos and we kept the body short to allow the shirts to be worn un-tucked. For those slightly dressier but casual occasions, try wearing these shirts with khakis and a lightweight blazer. If you happen to find yourself in a coastal town like Charleston, vacationing on the beach, or simply enjoying a relaxing weekend, this is the ideal casual shirt for the warmer months.

Shop the new Cotter Stripe shirts and our Core Collection of shirting here.



  • Thank you for the button downs, buying two. Need some button downs with character I.e.check shirts I can easily wear either way. They always look good with a solid color or repp tie. Yes I still wear a tie. I am sure you can produce smarter looking character shirts then the perineal Ben Silver’s tattersall.

    Stan Sheftel

  • “we kept the body short to allow the shirts to be worn un-tucked”

    Nice, because I could easily see myself wearing one of these to the beach.

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