Earthquakes and Politics

We had a little added excitement yesterday as a 5.8 earthquake rolled through Richmond. At first we all thought it was a train derailing—we are right next to the tracks—but when things really started to shake we all jumped up and headed for the door. (Well, all of us with the exception of Ashley who powered through a customer service call. Such dedication!)

Luckily, it seems like most everyone in VA appears to be fine, but we did manage to snap a few photos of the local devastation…

After the excitement, I headed up to Essex County to work the polls for a very close friend and Ledbury supporter who was running for the House of Delegates. I spent 4 hours on a duck blind chair, shaking hands and greeting voters at the local airfield. It was a real lesson in political participation and civic duty, which is an experience I would encourage everyone to have at least once…

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