If you consider yourself an advanced drinker, you may approach moonshine with a bit of resistance and trepidation. Who hasn’t heard of the many terrifying stories from crazy uncle Cletus about going down the rabbit hole with a jar of rotgut? When we discovered locally-distilled Belle Isle Craft Spirits we were intrigued by its updated […]

As the summer heat rolls in and the thought of packing in a sweaty, crowded bar becomes less and less appealing, nothing beats an impromptu at-home cocktail hour with friends. The ability to swiftly whip up a refreshing Negroni or classic Old Fashioned from your well-stocked home bar is one of life’s more satisfying (and […]

Any sommelier worth their weight in Cabernet Sauvignon will tell you that the secret to a successful food and wine pairing is striking a balance: allowing the flavors in both food and wine to amplify each other while ensuring that nothing gets overshadowed or masked. Subjective tastes can be tricky to navigate, so achieving the […]

For over half a decade, a handful of chefs have propelled Richmond’s culinary reaches at an incredible pace. Our city, formerly known for its dives and old haunts has transformed into an unexpected culinary destination. It’s been a thrill to watch it all unfold. As a result, the community celebrating and following the latest developments […]

Whiskey. It’s bold, complex, and a drink with many nuances. Whether bourbon or rye, whiskey is our drink of choice when bellied up to the bar for a cocktail or taking a few sips on the rocks at home. We recently caught up with James Kohler, friend and Beverage Director at Saison restaurant, for some […]

Take a tip from our in-house bartender, Rob, and be the host of the hour at this year’s holiday gatherings. Hello Ledbury readers! I am happy to have been asked once again to share with you a few seasonally-appropriate drinking options for this holiday season. Today I have three drinks to show you – two […]

Richmond has always had a strong culinary scene. Acclaimed restaurants such as Lemaire and Comfort have been open for over a decade and are staples of Richmond dining. Over the past few years, however, several others have been added to the roster to develop Richmond into a top culinary destination. Restaurants driven by chefs with […]

Fall is an exciting time of year for cooking and eating. The temperatures get a little cooler, the days become a little shorter, and the meals get a little more robust. Stews, soups and braises are regulars at the dinner table. Baking, roasting, grilling and raw ingredients come together nicely. Like dressing for cooler weather, […]

For many of us, it’s nearly impossible to start the day or make it through the afternoon without a fresh cup of coffee. It helps to keep us alert, on task, and, well, it simply tastes good. Here in Richmond, we’re lucky to have several coffee shops within walking distance of our office. So when […]

We need to talk. It’s about that bottle of flavored vodka that you have stashed in your pantry. You should just go ahead and throw it away. Why? Because you can probably make it at home for less than the cost of that bottle you put in the recycling bin. And you’ll feel proud of […]