Commonwealth Collection: Squares

I have to admit that I love a pocket square.  Wearing one is a habit that I picked up in London and one that has stayed with me back to VA.  It’s amazing how a small pop of color can dress up a blazer, take the staleness out of suit (preferably outside the office) and finish off a tuxedo (a must).

Here at Ledbury, we obsess about and are constantly surrounded by fabrics.  Last month, we put down the mouse and picked up the needle to create a collection of hand-made pocket squares out of our favorite shirting fabrics.

Each square was hand cut, hand turned and hand finished right here in our Richmond store.  We brought in a few of our friends (thank you Brittany, Faati and Anna!) who turned our warehouse into a production floor.  We had a blast using French linens, American denim and Italian-woven twills to create a collection of squares that are the perfect compliment to any blazer or jacket.

We hope that you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed making them!



  • You guys will have to update your “BEST LOOK” links for each of these as mixing and matching patterns and fabrics can be quite dangerous for the average guy!

  • Thanks for the feedback, Tom! We’re also working on putting together style guides to help show pattern on pattern outfitting.

  • Info on pocket squares pls

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