Introducing The Preston Herringbone

We believe that herringbone should be used for more than just blazers so we introduced the Preston Herringbone as part of our current short run collection. Constructed entirely from heavy baumwolle cotton from Tessitura Monti, this casual shirt is soft to the touch and features a shortened body that can be left un-tucked when needed. Baumwolle is a form of cotton that is very similar in texture and weight to wool, which literally translates to “tree wool” in German. As with many of our casual shirts, the Preston features the Drewes Collar, a semi-spread collar that is casual by nature and sits tall enough to be worn under a blazer or casual jacket. This is one of the softest shirts that we have ever made and has quickly become a favorite winter staple. Add this to your winter wardrobe and you are guaranteed to stand out from the pack for the remainder of the season. Shop now.


  • I thought “baumwolle” was just the German word for cotton? But it is pretty amusing how it translates to “tree wool” as cotton is neither from animals or grows in trees!

    So this is a more refined flannel shirt, basically? I’m considering getting it.

  • Any chance these might be made again?!

    • Hey Matt,
      We have at least one other color, brown, to be released later this winter. I saw the sample a few weeks ago and I may even like it better than the grey. Make sure you get this one!


  • I have also wondered if shirts of this ilk will be made again. I look forward to the brown (assuming it hasn’t already come and gone), as well as many more colors. I have to say that this herringbone shirt looks amazing and I am very sad that I missed out on the deal. I have only been aware of Ledbury’s existence for a couple of weeks.

    • Hey Seth,
      The Preston Herringbone was my favorite shirt we released this winter and it was definitely a popular style. We use Short Run as an opportunity to experiment with our shirting and sometimes we will re-release them as part of our core collection. My fingers are crossed that we will bring back the Preston next winter and maybe in a handful of additional colors. I saw a sample of the brown and it looked just as great as the grey.


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