Music Monday

Ahoy! In honor of Music Monday, we’re sharing some of our favorite tunes as of late. We all have fairly eclectic taste in music and at any given time, you can usually find at least three of us wearing headphones. After polling the team, results are in. Enjoy!

Trible: The War on Drugs… Amazing show at the Jefferson in Charlottesville last week… The War on Drugs: Come to the City

Baloji –  Can you ever get enough Congolese Hip Hop over a mean electronic finger piano??  Love it.. Reminds me of riding around in Kenyan mutatos in my 20s… Baloji: KARIBU YA BINTOU feat. Konono N°1

Watson: The Fox Hunt…wild and wonderful. Rebirth Brass Band…getting excited about Jazz Fest.

Owens: Usually surfing around satellite radio, anywhere from the metal stations to country to house to classic hiphop to talk. Maybe even classical. The mood changes frequently.

Ashley: Last Days of April – Ascend To The Stars/Angel Youth

The Dangerous Summer – Reach For The Sun/ War Paint

Juliana: The Jam- Billy Hunt: Can never go wrong with The Jam….I listen to them pretty much year round but my favorite song always rotates. Billy Hunt is the current favorite.

Cock Sparrer- I got your number: I got into Cock Sparrer a couple years ago. My boyfriend introduced me to them. I love English Punk music.

Dead Kennedys- California Uber Alles: I used to not be a fan of the Dead Kennedys but I have really gotten into them the last couple months. I love their wacky lyrics and California surfer beats.

Wolf Parade- Two Men in Tuxedos: Wolf Parade is one of my all time favorite bands. This is my favorite track from their most recent album Expo 86
San Cisco- Awkward: Recently stumbled across this song, very upbeat. Perfect for the intro of Spring

Mel: Gardens & Villa’s self-titled album is never loud enough! The flute in “Orange Blossom” is delightfully unexpected and the catchiness in “Thorn Castles” and “Spacetime” is windows-down material.

Thao + The Get Down Stay Down, one of my absolute favorite bands, always make their way back around this time of year. A beautiful video from of Thao & Mirah: How Dare You

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