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Thanks to Irene we were without power for the better part of 4 days, so we moved the operation to the Watson estate and set up camp.  As a nice break from our temporary home, our friends from CBS invited us over for button down shirting segment on Virginia This Morning.

I can imagine a handful of viewers were more concerned with getting electricity and finding fresh water, than what collar to wear with a tux.  But, it was a fun segment and we appreciate them having us on.

Video to the left.  Highlights are Trible doing his best QVC impression and one our models flashing a blue-steel look that struck fear in the hearts of housewives across the state…



  • Trible, I can say I knew you when… great job my friend, keep it up and keep giving us great shirts to wear, all the best to everyone at Ledbury.

  • Mr. Paul Trible, I have explored your site via FB and have come to the conclusion that you do not make a shirt in size 17/33. If a I have drawn a wrong conclusion please advise, if not please consider that no one who is spending $125.00 and up for a shirt wants a shirt which had to be altered. I can get exact fit from Brooks Brothers. I do like the Ledbury styles, colors, and patterns.

  • Nice to see you guys getting some TV time. I own four of your shirts, and I love them so much that more will be added very soon. Thanks for a quality shirt.

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