One Tie: The Maroon Abott

Mixing color and pattern can often prove to be a more difficult task than expected when pairing neckties and shirts. For help, we turned to Juliana who styles all of our lookbook and studio shoots to highlight one necktie, The Maroon Abott Tie, and pair it with three shirts from our core collection – a pattern, a stripe, and a solid. This is what Juliana put together as well as passing along a few pointers for styling.

[1] The Navy Cross Gingham

The gingham check creates a natural grid for the geometric shapes of the necktie to fall nicely into. The navy gingham of the shirt also brings out the shade of light blue in the necktie.

[2] The Red Henley Stripe Twill

The vertical stripes of the shirt paired with the geometric shapes in the necktie create a strong compliment. Also, staying within tonal color families – the red of the shirt, and maroon of the necktie – is always a good idea.

[3] The Blue Fine Twill

It is smart to keep your closet stocked with a few basics and the Blue Fine Twill fits the bill. This combination is a winner because the maroon stands out against the blue of the shirt and the light blue geometric shapes in the necktie easily brings the pairing full circle.

The Maroon Abott Tie is constructed from 100% silk and woven in Como, Italy. Shop this, as well as all of our neckties here.


  • Very sound advice. Keep it simple, make it work. Love the look of the shirts, the focus on basics, and the straightforward advice on looking good.

    • Sterling,
      Thanks for the shout out on your blog! The blog is great and I’m looking forward to future reads.


  • I can’t tell if it’s an optical illusion or not, but do the Henley stripe shirts have a cream background or white? It appears yellowish in the site photos.

    • Hey Jovan,
      This sometimes happens with our Henley stripe shirts in particular. The background is a true white that looks crisps against the stripes.


  • This was great. I wish you would match 3 ties with everyone of your shirts, help give customers some ideas.

    • Thanks Jack,
      I’m happy this was helpful, there will be more “One Tie” features to come!


  • Maybe incorporate a Short Run shirt to give us ideas about the new textures, colours & patterns of the Sort Run..

    • I’m really looking forward to many of the upcoming Short Run releases and I agree that it would be a good idea to include them in a feature such as this. Thanks for the suggestion!


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