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For us, 117 S. 14th St. is more than just a mailing address. It’s the epicenter of Ledbury — our office, our studio, our brick and mortar shop. It’s where all of our products are designed. It’s where new ideas are hatched. And for those of us who work here, friends and family alike, it’s a second home.

In the past few months we’ve been taking strides as a team — redesigning our Richmond location, traveling across the American South, and continuing to build a brand we believe in through online and offline efforts. Our new tumblr is a place for us to share the inner workings of our company with you.

We’re calling it “Warp & Weft,” a nod to the weave of the fabric, representative of the core components of both our product and our company culture. This tumblr showcases the details — the textures, faces and places that keep us inspired and running.

Visit “Warp & Weft,” The Ledbury Tumblr, at ledbury.tumblr.com.


  • I was very excited to hear about your company. You make beautiful clothes and I would love to acquire some from you. Do you make any shirts that would fit someone with a 37″ sleeve. Come one gentlemen, show the tall guys some love. Thank you very much.

    • Hey Gene,
      Thank you for interest in our company and I’m sure you will love our shirts as much as we do. Currently our 17 and 17.5 classic fit shirts come with a 37 and 37.5 sleeve length respectively. We will be releasing shirting with short, regular, and long, sleeve lengths in the near future.


  • I look forward to trying them out. Please keep me posted, I want to get some as soon as they are available.

    Best wishes,


    • No problem Gene,
      I will send you an e-mail as soon as they’re released.


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