Presidents and Perks

We are often asked our process for naming shirts.  We usually respond that it is incredibly complicated and scientific, but the truth is like most things Ledbury it’s pretty simple.  Shirt names often revolve around the music that we are listening to at the time (our first shirts where named after the founding members of The J.B.’s) or towns/counties near the farm where I grew up (Urbana, Northumberland), or newborn nieces and nephews (Lochlan, Callan).  And at times, we put the old American History degree to use and come up with titles like The Roosevelt.

The Roosevelt Flannel Collection was named for the 26th President (Teddy) for two reasons.  First he was a great naturalist and explorer and these shirts were made for the outdoors.  Secondly, he was known to be fan of the Club Collar, a more casual rounded collar that we used on each shirt of the Roosevelt Collection.

But, this time around, there were rare gastronomic perks that came with the naming of the shirt. One of our favorite restaurants in Richmond is The Roosevelt in Churchill. The restaurant nails it on both atmosphere (part gastro pub/part 40’s saloon) and menu (updated southern classics – i.e. beef cheeks/pimento cheese) and if you are ever in town we highly recommend you stopping by. Just minutes ago we were able to trade T (the Roosevelt’s bartender and jack-of-all trades) one of the last shirts of the collection for dinner for two. As a small business, we’re always trying to put food on the table…

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  • A club collar with a flannel shirt? Count me in…hope to see the Roosevelt back in stock for the fall.

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