Short Run Last Call / April Preview

When we first launched Short Run a few years ago, it gave us an opportunity to experiment with shirt fabrics, collar styles and shirt options that were otherwise unavailable in our Core Collection. It’s a place where we can be innovative and push ourselves as a shirtmaker. We first introduced our denim, print and brushed cotton shirts that have gone on to become Core Collection staples through Short Run.


The beginning of the year naturally calls for a time of reflection, and we set aside some time to think about all of our processes. We landed on Short Run and thought about ways that we could improve the experience for both our production and customers. After some consideration, we decided to embark on a new wave of Short Run in order to make it as succinct as possible. We settled on releasing 5 new shirts per week, released in limited quantities and only available for 4 weeks. As always, the most popular shirts would return as part of our Core Collection.


With the conclusion of the first 30 days coming to an end, we thought now would be a great time to revisit Short Run. In the past month we’ve released a handful of shirts in a colorful array of lightweight fabrics – linens, chambrays, seersuckers and lightweight poplins. Our Indigo and White Carey Chambray shirts were particular favorites.


In the upcoming weeks, we have more shirts that we’re extremely excited to share. Taking inspiration from the season, our shirts for April are youthful and festive in spirit, but still practical to wear when you need to look your best no matter the occasion. In addition to the more subdued, we will be releasing a handful of shirts that feature bold colors on rich fabrics throughout the month. For example, we have a colorful Starks gingham pattern that we crafted on Royal oxford fabric. Wear this underneath a sweater or lightweight sport coat for an added punch of color to your outfit. For casual cool, we will also be releasing a blue windowpane pattern with a subtle woven mélange that we constructed out of lightweight linen fabric. We’re also excited to release a couple of shirts that we consider our re-interpretation of classic American style. First we have an Oxford-cloth shirt with woven fleck mélange (available in white, blue, and green). The mélange flecks help to create a series of truly unique shirts and wear them as you would a traditional Oxford-cloth button-down. Finally, madras is a classic pattern of warmer months, and we’re releasing two on lightweight cotton poplin fabric in blue and green, and red and blue plaids. These shirts are casual in nature, but easily pair with a solid knitted tie and blazer.


We hope you’ve been enjoying this new approach to Short Run. In addition to the few we highlighted, there are many more great shirts to come.

5 New Short Run shirts are released every Monday. Shop the complete first 30 days of the new wave of Short Run while you still can here.

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