Short Run Shirting

We are very pleased to announce the start of Short Run Shirting.   Each Tuesday at 11am (for the next 20 weeks) we will introduce a new shirt into our collection. These shirts are limited editions, made in small quantities and will only available until the following Sunday at 11:59pm. It’s an opportunity for us to get even more creative with fabrics, collars and styles and we are very excited to hear what you think.

We would love your feedback and each month on Facebook you can vote for which shirt to add to our core collection.

We hope that you enjoy the collection and we look forward to hearing from you!



  • When are you going to introduce the green/blue plaid shirt on top of the stool in the picture?

  • That is a snappy shirt….kudos to you both. I know you have to have blue and white shirts because americas do seem to be chromatically challenged, but I do look forward to more syrupy fabrics.

  • As soon as you start offering shirts sized 16.5/36 I will be buying a boatload of them. Thanks.


  • Is there any chance that the short run slim white oxford button down will be available again? Thanks

    • Hi Steve – Yes, it will be back early next year. Thanks!

  • Ditto on the comment above re: shirts with 36″ sleeves. I would be buying these shirts right now if it weren’t for the fact that they stop at 35″ – any thoughts on possibly carrying these in the future? Thanks for your consideration in advance!

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