Style File // The Easy Rider


The desire to hop on two wheels and head out on the open road comes hand-in-hand with the arrival of spring. Featuring our Blue Corcoran Oxford from our Short Run collection of shirting, we put together The Easy Rider – a guide to looking as cool as Dennis Hopper or Steve McQueen as you tear out of town with an engine roaring beneath you.

Featured Items:

1. The Rolltop in Desert Camo | Poler / 2. Vintage Rolex Explorer | Man of the World Shop / 3. San Juan Sunglasses | Garrett Leight / 4. Biltwell Classic Style 3/4 Helmet in Flat Black | Retro Bike Gear / 5. Geier Deerskin Buckle Work Gloves | Hand-Eye Supply / 6. Tiny Moto | Classified Moto / 7. Issue Ø | Collective Quarterly / 8. The Black Millington Dress Belt | Ledbury / 9. Mackinaw Cruiser Wool Jacket | eBay via Bureau of Trade / 10. The Blue Corcoran | Ledbury / 11. Hobo Knife | Best Made Co. / 12. Desert Mali in Black Leather | Clarks via Need Supply / 13. Brantley 5-Pocket Canvas Pant | Jack Spade

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