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Our Style File this week was curated by Derek Guy, blogger extraordinaire at Put This On and Die, Workwear!, and graduate student studying the political economy of oil countries. Appropriately named “The Academic,” Derek chose items that he prefers wearing while abroad, noting that he tends to dress a bit more casually while on campus in the US. “The Academic” features one of our favorite Core Collection basics, The Blue Fine Twill Spread, as well as The Navy Alastair Sock and The Blue Caden Knit Tie.

Additional Products:

Pants: Classic Flannel Pants in Light Gray from Howard Yount

Shoes: Dover in Dark Antique Oak by Edward Green from Leffot

Album: Bill Evans, Sunday at the Village Vanguard

Bag: Mens English Leather Briefcase by Lotuff

Book: John Stuart Mill’s Principles of Political Economy

Glasses: Revelations by Shuron

Money Clip: Elsa Peretti Bean Money Clip from Tiffany & Co.

Wallet: Vertical Dogleg Wallet from Chester Mox

Watch: Vintage Rolex Oyster

Pocket Square: Victory from Mariano Rubinacci

Special thanks to Derek Guy for curating this Style File. For more style musings from Derek, check out Put This On and Die, Workwear!

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