Style File // The Crescent City Man

Our Style File for The Purple Urbana is centered around The beloved Crescent City, New Orleans. New Orleans is home to many things we love- good coffee, beignets, whiskey, jazz and Paul Watson’s family, to name a few. The best beignets in town and delicious coffee with chicory can be found at Cafe Du Monde. Or if you’re feeling more like whiskey, check out New Orleans own Sazerac Rye. New Orleans is fairly casual and filled with class, which is why we paired The Purple Urbana Box Check with a pair of gray chambray pants from Bonobos and brown leather loafers from Billy Reid. And of course, the ensemble wouldn’t be complete without an Alligator wallet from Moore and Giles.

New Orleans is mostly known for its influential creative culture, so we chose a few of our favorite New Orleans musicians to highlight this week.

Louis Armstrong: One of the founding members of the jazz movement, old Satchmo’s scat singing and trumpet playing is appropriate for any mood

Rebirth Brass Band: Traditional New Orleans brass band with funk, jazz and soul influence

Fats Domino: Rhythm and Blues the way it should be with a healthy mix of piano, vocals, and always a little wah-wah

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band: Established by the famous Benny Jones in the late 70s, this band continues to be influential for the New Orleans brass band scene


  • when will you have a new cycle of shirts as for the last 30 days + many of the ones I want to buy have been sold out. Very frustrating



    • Hi Dwight, Our next Short Run Collection will launch early September.

  • Have you ever considered making more of your shirts with French cuffs? I’d love to have the option to buy some of these to wear with links.

  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your feedback. We have had several requests for more French Cuff shirts, and plan to offer more styles in the future as we expand our inventory and product selection.

  • I’d love to see more options for french as well. So many good cufflinks, so few opportunities! haha

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