One doesn’t usually associate obscure Japanese denim brands with Southern mountain cities, but that’s just the kind of place Asheville is. We were excited to discover Old North at our recent visit there, and the thoughtfully curated collection of men’s clothes and gear are just the kind of things you want to reach for during […]

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One look at our Summer Collection and it’s obvious that we’re enthusiastic about this natural fiber. For sweltering summer months, nothing beats the breeziness and breathability of this loose weave – you will literally and figuratively always be cool in linen. Our love of the fabric led us to a natural curiosity about its origins […]


Falling leaves, football and pumpkin flavored everything have given way to tacky sweater parties, tinsel and mistletoe. For some, those with a penchant for loud patterns and sweaters that defy convention and gravity, this is cause for celebration. For others, it can lead to confusion, frustration and concern over pattern, fabric and texture coordination. Fear […]