Falling leaves, football and pumpkin flavored everything have given way to tacky sweater parties, tinsel and mistletoe. For some, those with a penchant for loud patterns and sweaters that defy convention and gravity, this is cause for celebration. For others, it can lead to confusion, frustration and concern over pattern, fabric and texture coordination. Fear […]

We are incredibly excited to announce a partnership with Cole Haan as we venture to SoHo for our first Ledbury Pop-Up Shop in New York. We’re moving into Cole Haan in SoHo May 1 thru May 10. If you’re in New York, we hope you can make it down to the shop! This pop-up is filled […]

At the beginning of last week, I noticed a few photographs from Pitti Uomo 87 trickle through on Instagram. Despite a few rumblings here and there, this season’s trade show felt much quieter when compared to the coverage from past years. Perhaps a return to form and a re-shift in focus is taking place. Let’s […]

When it comes to shopping, some of you may follow my method of subscribing to a handful of emails from retailers and brands, keeping up with new product releases from time-to-time, and engaging in the occasional impulse buy. I don’t shop all the time, but I cast a wide net. I know what I like […]

Looking back, 2014 was a great year for shirting. Over the past 12-months, in addition to our Core Collection staples, we introduced shirts constructed from fabrics, patterns and styles unavailable anywhere else.  This release included our first collection of printed shirts made in collaboration with the fourth Paul of Ledbury – Paolo Sala. Sure, some […]

Gert Barkovic has a sharp eye and knows exactly what she likes. Imperative qualities if you’re the co-founder and buyer of one of Washington, D.C.’s most reputable menswear stockists – MUTINY. From MUTINY’s overall aesthetic to the garments and provisions they carry founded on the principles of craftsmanship and longevity, we’ve discovered a kinship in […]

Although some of you out there may remain skeptical – yes, we’re looking at you – we’re celebrating the return of the turtleneck. No seriously, they’re back. But these turtlenecks aren’t the same that your mom would make you wear to school on picture day. These turtlenecks have a modern edge and go beyond contemporary […]