Denim and chambray shirts are a common occurrence here at Ledbury. You’re likely to spot a team member or two wearing one on any given day. Sometimes the differences between denim and chambray are easy to spot from a mile away, but much of the time, the distinction between the two is a bit more […]

As a brand founded on shirtmaking, we always strive to stay focused on the fundamentals. With this perspective in mind, we release accessories only if they make sense first and foremost to the shirt. This season’s necktie collection makes plenty of sense and more. The perfect complement to our shirts, these ties have the ability […]

It’s fall, temperatures are dropping, and our 2014 Knitwear Collection is here. We knitted these sweaters in Italy from several incredible fibers including merino wool, cashmere, and yak wool. Yes, yak wool. This season, we’re introducing a range of new sweater styles, including several full-zip cardigans. Here’s a brief overview of some early favorites from […]

Presentation is everything. It’s a matter of consideration, and a sign that you are intentional in your decision. One way to put your best foot forward is to make sure that you’re wearing clothes that fit. Well-fitting clothing conveys that you’re in control and aware of life’s nuances. Somewhere down the line you’ve determined that […]

When transitioning into a fall wardrobe, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Through the fall and winter, be mindful of three things: colors, fabrics and layers. We took a look at one of our favorite street style blogs, Men In This Town, for a few pointers on dressing for the months ahead. […]

We founded Ledbury with the idea that we could make the most incredible products and offer them at an unparalleled value. We cut our teeth in shirtmaking and learned a tremendous amount along the way. Eventually, we expanded to sport coats, sweaters, and accessories, but never lost that commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Whether it’s […]

Nature seems to have an uncanny way of grouping things into threes. Think about it: the number of people it takes to form a crowd, the minimum ingredients to make a satisfactory sandwich (BLT), and pieces of a suit all come in threes. Times a lady, sheets to the wind . . . we can […]

It’s news to no one the fashion industry can be a bit tiresome. Aside from the barrage of borderline-ridiculous stylings, recently I’ve gotten the feeling that somewhere, someplace, the fashion gods cackle at the cognitive dissonance I’m experiencing as stores begin to advertise for sweaters during swim season. Fortunately, I’m presently tasked with forecasting trends […]

The pace of life is demanding. We know. It’s easy to try to save some time with the old  “grab and go” technique when shopping for shirts. Unfortunately the final result often looks a little rushed as well. Making the most out of your time is important, but so is presentation. It’s good to be […]