Summer Cocktails with L’Opossum

Photography by Kate Thompson, Betty Clicker Photography

There’s nothing more refreshing than a crisp cocktail during the heat of the summer. Luckily for us, the buzz around Richmond’s cocktail scene lives up to its name, 100%. Find yourself in any of the local neighborhoods and you’re sure to find at least one, if not several, well-acclaimed craft cocktail bars worth ducking into for a drink or two. We ventured into historic Oregon Hill to pay a visit to our friends at L’Opossum for their top picks this season. Porch sippers, crowd-pleasers — call them what you will. These cocktails are sure to impress and cool you off after a hard day’s work or play. Wins all around!

Honey Badger

1 ea. Lemon and Orange wedge

¼ Jalapeno
.5 oz. St. Germain
Muddle these ingredients, then add
2 oz. Belle Isle Honey Habanero Moonshine
1 oz. Ginjo Sake
Shake well. Strain into port wine glass rimmed with sugar.

Photography by Kate Thompson, Betty Clicker Photography

Pillow Thief

4 oz. Strawberry White Balsamic Puree

1.75 oz. Cucumber Vodka
1 ea. Juice of Lemon wedge
Shake well strain over ice into a Collins glass. Top off with San Pellegrino Pompelmo Soda.

Laura Palmer

1 ea. Lemon and Lime wedge

4 ea. Maraschino cherries
.5 oz. Luxardo
Muddle, then add
1.75 oz. Aviation Gin
.5 oz. Dolin Blanc Vermouth
Add ice and shake. Serve in a Collins glass (saran wrapped for the full Twin Peaks effect, if you so choose!)

Photography by Kate Thompson, Betty Clicker Photography

Shiny Blue Ball

.75 oz. Belle Isle Moonshine

.75 oz. Vodka
.75 oz. Gin
.75 oz. Tequila
1.50 oz. House sour mix
Splash of RC cola
Pour over ice in a blue ball glass

Photography by Kate Thompson, Betty Clicker Photography

Three cheers for Todd Richardson, Bartender William Seidensticker (pictured above), Chef David Shannon (who you may recognize as a 2016 James Beard Semi-Finalist for Best Chefs in America, Mid-Atlantic region) and the entire crew at L’Opossum for opening up their incredible bar to us on a sweltering day, and of course, for supplying such incredible drink recipes. With menu items like “Fabergé Egg Bèdazzled with Caviar,” “Ahi #1 On The Orient Express with Excess Baggage” and “Swanky Mac is Back,” the overall experience at L’Opossum alone is worth a weekend getaway to our hometown. Hopefully whipping these delicious drinks up at home is enough to hold you over until you have the chance to experience the magic of L’Opossum itself!

Photography by Kate Thompson of Betty Clicker Photography.


  • Curious to know about the Laura Palmer recipe. First, is something missing? I made the drink from your directions and do not get nearly the volume indeed in the photos. Soda maybe?

    Also does one strain the solids when pouring into the drinking glass?

    Finally, four cherries at the beginning? The photo shows three on a stick as garnish, but judging from the color I was thinking that the four cherries specified in the recipe are needed.


    • Hi Jeff,

      Glad to hear you gave the Laura Palmer a shot! As for the qty., I’m not sure about whether or not soda was added, but I will find out!

      The four cherries at the beginning are meant to be muddled along with the lemon, lime and Luxardo. After the gin and vermouth are added and the contents is shaken over ice, the drink is meant to be strained and poured into a Collins glass filled with ice. This would contribute to the quantity (if the glass was not completely filled with ice), but it does seem curious that only 2.75 oz. of liquid, even poured over ice, would fill a 10 oz. Collins glass. Stay tuned!

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