Summer Weddings

We are always honored when friends and customers include Ledbury in their wedding.  We figure that the bride has the final say on the groom’s attire and if the fiancé approves of Ledbury at the altar we must be doing at least something right.

This spring and summer we have kitted-out a wedding party nearly every weekend, but none made me more pleased than our good friends Hap and Jess.   Hap is one of my closest friends and an old roommate from London.  And at the risk of sounding cheesy, Jess is his perfect match.  I’m looking forward to having them both back in the States this year.

The wedding was in Antibes in the south of France where Jess has a family home.  So I hopped on a train after Pitti and spent an incredible four days on the coast with friends celebrating the couple accordingly.

On the big day, Jess could not have looked more beautiful and I must say Hap looked pretty sharp.   Pink Ledbury shirt, blue knit tie from Drakes, navy blazer and white pants.   Not to mention, black velvet slippers topped with the American and French flags.   A classy touch…


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