For many of us, it’s nearly impossible to start the day or make it through the afternoon without a fresh cup of coffee. It helps to keep us alert, on task, and, well, it simply tastes good. Here in Richmond, we’re lucky to have several coffee shops within walking distance of our office. So when […]


The Ledbury Launch Fund introduced us to some extraordinary people. One of those folks was Jordan Childs of Shine Craft Vessel Co. His commitment to craftsmanship and the passion behind his brand earned him a place as one of three finalists. It’s been a while since we caught up with Jordan. I headed over to […]


August.  No rain.  Temperatures consistently above 100 Degrees.  And what does Ledbury decide to do?  Move!  Yes, during the hottest month in stifling humidity we packed up the entire operation and moved down the street.  Despite the withering temps and the best attempts from the utility companies in stopping us, we managed get the whole […]


When we started Ledbury the market was hovering around 6,000 and a financial apocalypse appeared to be at the doorstep.  We were conscious that launching a luxury clothing business was not without risk, but luckily there were a few early believers and to those we are forever grateful. It could have been blind faith, a […]

Wild Card

Believe it or not there were a few people out there who thought starting a luxury clothing business in worst economic climate since the great depression was a bad idea. Perhaps it had something to do with the market hovering around 7,000 or that it looked like burlap would be the dominant fashion trend for […]