Wild Card

The Chesapeake Bay is still, to this day, peppered with deadrise workboats, traditionally used by watermen for crabbing, oystering or clamming. The traditional deadrise design is wooden-hulled with a sharp bow that softens into a flat V-shape, although some are modified to feature a flat bottom. The vessels are true workhorses — they move fairly […]


After almost fully retiring as Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s (CBF) Virginia Oyster Restoration and Fisheries Scientist, Tommy Leggett returned to his desired life as a waterman — aquaculture farming native oysters throughout the bay for his small scale oyster business, York River Oysters. Tommy spends his days working by the tides. At early morning high tide, […]


To say that Captain Chris Newsome has salt water running through his veins would be an understatement. Having grown up on the water, Chris spent years fishing in the traditional style before seeking out fly fishing as a new challenge. The Captain helped pioneer the sport in Eastern Virginia as one of the area’s first saltwater fly fishing guides.   […]


Fine art photographer Drew Doggett, 30, got his start in fashion working alongside some of the biggest photographers in the business, including Annie Leibovitz, David Sims, and Steven Klein. But in 2012, eager for new scenery and subject matter, Doggett set out to photograph some of the world’s most endangered cultures and landscapes, traveling to […]