Terms such as “smartphone” and “wearable technology” have managed to casually slip into the modern lexicon. With what seems like hundreds of products boasting new technological advances released every year, the rate has been both staggering and overwhelming. Still, despite what may be on the horizon, we see no indication that the classic wristwatch will […]

Wild Card

Marion “Moose” Herring is a practicing orthopedic surgeon. He’s also a husband and a father. And there’s another known side of Marion: he’s an Ironman triathlete and a competitive long distance runner, and an excellent one at that. Marion won both the Watauga Lake and Giant Acorn Sprint triathlons a few years ago, was the […]


Gert Barkovic has a sharp eye and knows exactly what she likes. Imperative qualities if you’re the co-founder and buyer of one of Washington, D.C.’s most reputable menswear stockists – MUTINY. From MUTINY’s overall aesthetic to the garments and provisions they carry founded on the principles of craftsmanship and longevity, we’ve discovered a kinship in […]


As Paul Trible’s guide and mentor, master tailor Robert Emmett taught Paul nearly everything that he knows about shirtmaking. With a career spanning over two decades and operating four bricks-and-mortar locations throughout London, including a store on the famed Jermyn Street, Robert is one of the city’s finest shirtmakers. Having worked alongside Paul Trible and […]


For over 25 years, the Virginia Film Festival (VFF) has brought Central Virginia award-winning independent films and incredible documentaries, followed by in-depth panel discussions. There’s a undeniable attraction to watching a narrative unfold on the big screen. We’re hardwired to respond to storytelling in a shared space; it’s part of our collective history. For more […]


As the artist behind Sure Hand Signs, Ross Trimmer’s work is all over town. High Point Barbershop, Y & H Mercantile, Harvest and Portrait House, to name a few, all feature Trimmer’s hand painted signage. In this day of quick and vinyl, there seemed to be little room left for disappearing trades like hand painted […]