Henry Miller is considered one of the greatest writers of the early 20th-Century, and justifiably so. Miller was far from the first to document his personal experience, philosophical beliefs and fiction; however, he was the innovator of combining them all into a singular form. His writing style is characteristically straightforward, but flows in a way […]


Lou Reed is often cited as one of the most influential musicians of contemporary music, and justifiably so. His legacy can be traced particularly in the genres of alternative rock and punk. From his breakout success as the driving force behind The Velvet Underground to his solo work, Reed inspired generations of musicians for nearly […]


Throughout the late 60s and 70s, perhaps none of Hollywood’s leading men had more style than Robert Redford. On screen and off, Redford’s look was quintessentially American, always appearing at ease regardless of occassion. After a string of successful films beginning in the early 60s, Robert Redford began to grow more conscious of his onscreen […]


The better part of my week has been spent diving into Marvin Gaye’s rich discography on Spotify. While listening to Gaye’s music and thinking about his style, several parallels can be drawn. Most evident is that like his voice; Marvin’s style was equally as smooth. The singer’s musical genius and style truly started to shine […]


During the late 60s into the 70s, no other musician embodied the spirit of a hard living, honky-tonk rebel more so than Waylon Jennings. Style and attitude go hand in hand, and during his prime, Waylon undoubtedly had both. Before making his way to Nashville, Waylon Jennings toured the country as rock pioneer Buddy Holly’s […]


Showing some love for the ladies today with a round up of a few of our favorite femmes fatales. First up, Nico. This belle had a minimalistic sense of style, wearing mostly black and white solids complimented with an occasional patterned ascot. Her style was top notch in all of its casual elegance. She had […]


There have been many great quarterbacks in the history of the NFL but few can compete against Joe Namath in the game of style. Leading the New York Jets to defeating the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III as one of the greatest upsets in NFL history, Joe played the sport with unflinching confidence, similarly […]


Kennedy’s inauguration over 50 years ago signaled a new era in American politics as well as a return to presidential style that had not been seen in the White House since the days of Theodore Roosevelt. Whether boating in Hyannis Port or staring down the threat of Communism from the White House, a study of […]