Photo by Adam Ewing.

Life on the Outer Banks of North Carolina revolves around salt water. From simple economics to recreation and relaxation, the Atlantic Ocean is alpha and omega. Local legend and retired pro surfer, Jesse Hines knows that better than most. We had the chance to sit down with him at Surfin’ Spoon, his frozen yogurt shop, […]


Kevin McCabe is a longtime Outer Banks local who’s established himself as the quintessential renaissance man. In view of the tallest brick lighthouse on the Atlantic, writer Chris Bickford grabbed a beer to hear Kevin’s story and the bold path that landed him in this beautiful place. If you think you discovered some exotic destination […]


On the Outer Banks, talking about the weather is not merely a way to make conversation. It’s a local obsession. We can get pretty nerdy about it too. Upper-level disturbances, wind speeds, tide charts, satellite models — these are the stuff of intense conversation around here. Favorable buoy readings can make us positively giddy. If […]