Photo taken by Kate Thompson of Betty Clicker Photography

We’ve been working with Kate Thompson for quite a while now. You may recognize her as Betty Clicker, a childhood nickname that’s become her photography alias, and in the words of Kate, her figurative superwoman cape. Kate’s work carries distinct characteristics of deliberate composition, attention to atmosphere and wonderful, honest simplicity. Long story short — […]


Fine art photographer Drew Doggett, 30, got his start in fashion working alongside some of the biggest photographers in the business, including Annie Leibovitz, David Sims, and Steven Klein. But in 2012, eager for new scenery and subject matter, Doggett set out to photograph some of the world’s most endangered cultures and landscapes, traveling to […]


Perseverance takes shape in many different contexts. We attach certain personal experiences to such a word — experiences that exude an unyielding level of tenacity and determination. For artist and photographer Kip Fulbeck, the word is closely tied to the art of Japanese tattooing. In Richmond, we’re lucky to have such a forward-thinking, nationally-acclaimed museum […]