We had such a great time at last year’s inaugural quail hunt that we decided to make a tradition of it. We returned to the Orapax Hunting Preserve, located just a short drive outside of the city, a couple of weekends ago for an afternoon of organized quail hunting with a handful of our customers, […]


We’re releasing a shirt-a-day from our Fall/Winter 2013 Collection throughout the month of October and today marks the halfway point. So far we’ve released a handful of brushed cotton oxfords and classic plaid flannels constructed from our favorite cooler weather fabrics. There are more great shirts to come and we’re looking forward to the remainder […]


We were honored to be featured on MSNBC’s Your Business yesterday morning. In the segment, Paul Trible and Paul Watson explain the capital raising process and testing innovative strategies for growth. We always welcome the opportunity to share our story and it was a pleasure to invite members of the MSNBC team into our showroom […]


For many frequent listeners of NPR, the vote for favorite broadcast is often split between This American Life and Radiolab. For further evidence, check out Southern California Public Radio’s March Madness alternative bracket from earlier this year – pitting 32 NPR shows head-to-head. Although This American Life came out at the ultimate winner, Radiolab’s distinctive […]