The Free Union

We are happy to introduce The Commonwealth Collection, a range of unique accessories made in partnership with local Virginia artisans.   The first piece is the Free Union Belt, which we designed in collaboration with Marcus Wiley of Wiley Belts.

A few people have asked why a shirtmaker would release a belt as a first accessory.  It’s a fair question and we are happy to report that more amicable items like cufflinks and pocket squares are on the way.   But, the short answer is that we had such a good time making it, that it was a natural inaugural piece.

In the past year, Marcus has become a good friend and we have spent many a good day at his workshop on the outskirts of Charlottesville.   When your office is a horse farm in Albemarle Country, you are bound to get some visitors and we can’t thank him enough for his hospitability and kindness.

See left for a short video about The Commonwealth Collection and our collaboration with Marcus…



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