The Goods: Clarks Desert Boots

A couple of weekends ago I bought my second pair of Desert Boots from Clarks Originals- this time in brown leather with a beeswax finish. Having been around for over half a century, these boots are a classic in every sense of the word. What I love about the desert boot is that they are simple in design, incredibly comfortable, and pair particularly well with every jean or chino in my closet.

While stationed in Burma during WWII, Nathan Clark (pictured below) noticed the shoes that the British Royal Army officers wore as part of their casual attire -constructed from a rough and durable suede, but used a crepe sole to make them lightweight and naturally comfortable. When Clark returned to England, he designed a boot loosely based on the officers’ shoe of choice. He named them The Original Clarks Desert Boot and they quickly rose in popularity throughout England and abroad.

I always mark the sign of true craftsmanship as the pieces that can be broken in over time, opposed to becoming worn out and eventually discarded from continued use. My boots are only on week three and they have already begun to show some slight wear as the beeswax finish begins to scuff a bit. I see this as subtle reassurance that they will develop a nice patina that will only get better with age.

Last year I wore these Fall through Spring and could have probably gotten away with wearing a lighter suede version during the summer months – I’m thinking this will be pair number three. Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans for a trip to the Sahara, and even if a grain of sand never touches these boots, they’ve been a solid addition to my wardrobe.



  • Have you gotten them resoled?

    • Jericho,
      I haven’t luckily. I thought the softness of the sole would require a lot of work but they have been keeping up very well. I also install shoe heel protectors onto every shoe that I own and this has helped saved many soles from Richmond city sidewalks.


  • My sis gave me a pair for Christmas, stylish & more comfortable than I thought a boot could be. Looking forward to watching how the leather ages over time.

  • I have always had at least one pair of Clarks Desert Boots in rotation for the last 25 years. Timeless shoe and it travels very well.

    Easy to care for as well if you waterproof them when new and then use a suede brush and nubuck stick if you go with the classic suede boot. The leather boot ages really well and with some simple upkeep you can get a decade out of them easy.

  • the photos of the top three are really from Beeswax? Or it’s from the other style?
    coz i own one and from the picture the color doesn’t fade as the same as mine

    • Hey Don,
      I just double checked and they are the Beeswax Desert Boots. I’m actually wearing them today so I can take a picture and e-mail them to you. I’m also curious to see how yours are looking.


  • These you`ve posted looks pretty well and it`s obvious that will age like wine. Can you please give mi link where to buy these? I`ve been looking on Clark`s website and none of offered seems that are those you`ve posted. At least not on Europe mutation of the Clark`s web.

  • Hey Jarda,
    The Clark’s are looking pretty good these days. Here’s a link to the pair that I picked up from Need Supply.

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