Last month we officially launched our new Made-to-Measure shirtmaking service during a pop-up shop hosted at Cole Haan in SoHo. During our 10 days in New York, it was a pleasure to meet some of you who have been shopping with us for years, as well as those of you who are new to Ledbury. […]

Resting an easy hour-and-a-half drive’s west of Richmond, Charlottesville is both, at times, a big town and a small city. On the surface, this college town looks quaint, forever indebted to Thomas Jefferson for putting a world-class university at the doorstep of the Blueridge. Although the University is certainly an active member in shaping the […]

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to drop everything and spend a few months hiking the Appalachian Trail. Although hiking for a couple of months might not be an option, a day hike is certainly doable. Fortunately, a two hour drive west from Richmond, VA will take you to the heart of the […]

A lot of us probably have great memories of summer camp. It was a time to get away, a weird, glorious collection of hikes, awkward dances, and archery. Regardless of your summer camp experience, there are very few of us who have experienced a camp quite like the one our friend James Kohler just attended […]

“If, in Virginia, we may point with justifiable pride to our fire control record, our ability to do so is due in no small measure to the effective service rendered by our Lookout Watchmen.” – Handbook for Lookout Watchmen, 1948. Fifteen pages long, the Handbook for Lookout Watchmen is a quick read. Five of those […]

If there is one thing that Virginia has an abundance of, it’s history. And it’s not that unremarkable, something-happened-in-the-past-kind of history. It’s the bonafide, first-of-its-kind history. And we all know that’s the good stuff. Early colonial settlements? Yep, we got the first. Battlefields? Which ones do you want to see: Revolutionary War or Civil War? […]

The World Cup delivered much more than a month of soccer. From the absurdity of Luis Suarez biting an opponent, again, to the glory of Mario Götze’s chest and volley to win the trophy for Germany, this tournament checked all the boxes. It was a World Cup filled with moments that felt destined to happen, […]