Before I began this article, I made a list of traditions that I’ve maintained over the years. I remembered fondly how my dad used to take my brother and me fishing, just as my grandfather took him and my uncle. I recalled how my mom would hide our birthday presents throughout the house and make […]

The early signs of the holiday season have started to arrive. I noticed a handful of houses with festive lights during an early evening jog on Sunday. The first rounds of carols have started to trickle through over the radio. Navigating the holiday party circuit will soon begin and the halls will become decked in […]

The movies with the largest marketing and production budgets tend to get the most attention. To a degree, this makes sense. Studios invest a lot of resources into these projects, so they’re going to need to see a quick return on investment. The result often feels like a shouting match for attention rather than an […]

It was inevitable. We’re halfway through August. Summer is coming to an end. Take a break from the screens in your life. Is there anything better than unwinding on the porch with a book? The answer is no. There is nothing better. And since you’re making all of these definitive life changes, you might as […]

Between the World Cup, emails, and binge-watching Netflix, the chances are pretty great that we’re spending a little too much time staring at a screen. But it looks like we’re seeing a break in the stream. Soccer matches are happening now at the rate of roughly one per day as the end of the tournament […]

When we first began Short Run over two years ago, we saw an opportunity to tell stories and our lookbooks were a way to partner and collaborate with local businesses. From a bourbon distillery to a motorcycle shop, we introduced our audience to the wide spectrum of interesting people in our immediate community. With the […]

Four and a half years ago, we launched Ledbury out of the second-story of a converted tobacco warehouse in Richmond, VA. It was at the height of the recession, and our Co-founders Paul Trible and Paul Watson had just graduated from Oxford with MBAs. When the major banks began to collapse, the two decided to […]

The NCAA Basketball Tournament has a natural tendency to dominate general office conversation this time of year. Words like brackets and pool are in heavy rotation. With many of the games happening during work hours, the action on the court often extends into the office. For instance, you might see more iPads being used as […]

James Bond is a man known for many things – elaborate gadgets, a seemingly endless stream of women, fine tailoring and, until now, routinely breaking British highway safety laws. Believe it or not, the UK parliament finally revised traffic laws last week to allow for exceptions-of-the-speed-limit in cases of emergency for bomb disposal units, organ […]