With all of the Ledbury staff, closest friends and loved ones, we had a great time at our annual holiday party. Saison, a dining favorite for many of us in Richmond, hosted this year’s dinner and party. In addition to great food and atmosphere, our friends at Saison crafted a couple of special cocktails for […]

With only a couple of weekends remaining, we are nearing the final count down to the big day. For those of you who are wrapping up your holiday shopping or looking for a place to start, we put together our annual Holiday Gift Guide to help with your gift giving and wish-list-making. Our gift guide […]

In life, four years marks a number of big occasions. Olympics Presidential Terms College Graduation (well hopefully) And today, Ledbury’s Birthday. Four years ago, we launched our business out of a second-story converted tobacco warehouse in Richmond. There were two of us, and like all small businesses owners, we played the roles of customer service, […]

The holidays are officially in swing, and the big day will be here before we know it. To help with your wishlist-making and gift giving this season, we put together a guide featuring one of our most favorite natural fibers – cashmere. Cashmere is not only incredibly soft and lightweight, but it’s guaranteed to keep […]

Thanksgiving is only a day away and then the holiday season officially begins. From all of us at the office, we’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude for your ongoing business and support. Enjoy the time with family, a full spread on the table and perhaps a little game watching. Have a […]

Today is November 11th, which means it’s not only the day where we take a moment to honor the soldiers who have fought for our country, but also the day when we pay homage to one of fall’s most staple fabrics — corduroy. Why November 11th? Because it’s the date that most closely resembles the […]

We’re pleased to announce that our new mobile site is finally live. It’s now easier than ever to take Ledbury wherever you go. Every detail has been optimized for that small screen you keep in your pocket — we even streamlined the checkout process. Take a moment to visit the website and let us know […]

Although Laird Hamilton has been hitting waves on his stand-up paddleboard for more than a decade, the sport is only now beginning to catch its stride. Whether kite surfing, tow-in surfing (a sport which he helped pioneer), or riding a traditional surfboard, Hamilton is no stranger to big waves – really, really big waves. Laird Hamilton […]

Summer is more than just beaches and cookouts, but the time of year when the pace of life slows down to offer just enough time to enjoy a good read or two. Some may go for the classics, others may choose more recently published work, and a handful are doers who like to read books […]

1936 – The year the Hoover Dam was completed, Gone with the Wind was first published and, until this past weekend, the last time the British brought home the Wimbledon Cup. The man to do so 77 years ago was none other than Mr. Fred Perry (yes, that Fred Perry). Despite his working class roots, Perry broke […]

Since Roger Ebert’s passing late last week, I’ve given some thought to film and his influence on the art form as a critic. I always trusted Ebert’s reviews because his critiques were delivered without pretense and were nearly always justifiable. Over the weekend, like many times in the past, I relied on Ebert’s opinion and […]